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Yahoo a revolutionary web email Service

Yahoo is one of the best free web email services.  It has user-friendly features which attract lots of user across the globe. It is one of the oldest service providers and search engines in this information era. It was the big name in the internet market in the early 1990s. It is very compatible with any device that’s why you can use it anywhere on any device or operating system. Yahoo Customer Service as a web email service provider and the search engine is secure to explore and use. It is very manageable and straightforward to use. Its features are prominent. It is designed in such a way that the user gets more attracted to it. It always keeps updating its features. It has storage capacity data is 25GB. You can send and save emails with large attachments.

List Of Services Owned By Yahoo

  • Yahoo Answers
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Yahoo Groups
  • Yahoo Maps
  • Yahoo Mobile
  • Yahoo Music
  • Yahoo News
  • Yahoo Shopping
  • Yahoo Search
  • Yahoo Search Marketing
  • Yahoo Sports
  • Yahoo Research
  • Yahoo Lifestyle
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Yahoo Developer Network
  • Yahoo Entertainment

Salient Features Of Yahoo

Search Smarter – Yahoo has modified the searching option. While searching for any query you will answer and along with those, links to ask or answer questions also you will get. It is more emphasizing on customer satisfaction.

Find It Faster – To get the news, update and information regarding finance, local, sports and shopping, Yahoo has introduced this feature as fast links have been added to Yahoo Service Channels. Customization has made things better and simpler.

Get Personal – To provide convenience to the user, Yahoo has featured messenger, radio, weather, local, mail and movie features on the home page.

Reminders – Sometimes users forgot very important mail or any bill payment related mail to answer; now through Yahoo mail you can put a reminder about such emails. Users can manage and update the reminder according to user preferences.

Unsubscribe – This feature helps in keeping away unwanted emails to reach the inbox. It is a very good feature as a user finds it stress-free as they are not getting any irrelevant emails after opting for this feature.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are many predominant features that make it special. Furthermore, in Yahoo emails are saved up to 90 days, after 90 days it gets automatically deleted. Users can create a subfolder and can easily move between the tabs. Moreover, you can add, edit and delete as many contacts. The interface is smooth and accessible and can be modified according to user preference. Users can get reminders of important dates and events of their loved ones by saving their contacts.

Usual problems faced by Yahoo Users

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Yahoo Customer Service

As one of the best email service providers, it is very easy to use. Its predominant features always attract the user towards it. Meanwhile, sending an important email if the user confronts any issue then contact Yahoo Customer Service. There is a well experienced and knowledgeable team to assist users promptly. Certified experts are always ready to troubleshoot the issue. Furthermore, to serve better, teamwork rounds the clock to keep you smiling always. So do not hesitate to contact Yahoo Customer service. You can contact Yahoo Customer Service by dialing the Yahoo Phone Number or by live chat or by sending an email to the mentioned email address. Customer service is always there to assist each and every concern related to Yahoo.