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Images do speak it has been proved by Instagram. It is one of the admired social media platforms across the globe to share photos, connect with people and explore and like the things you love. From its initial days, it has expanded its features as the user can use this platform to build their businesses and increase their fan following for their brand and interests. It is simple and fun to interact with friends and followers. It is an interesting designed platform that attracts users always. It easily allows you to link with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. To use it hassle-free and at the fingertips, contact Instagram Customer Service.

Incredible Features Of Instagram

Instagram Stories Create Interface – In Instagram stories now you can add countdown timers, Gifs, quizzes, polls, and question & answer boxes. It brings more fun and attraction to your profile.

Hashtag Insights – This helps you to identify which hashtag is best suited for your image.  Selecting the right hashtag will increase likes for your post.

Removing Followers – You can unfollow the followers. If someone is creating an issue or damaging your profile by abusive comments, you can remove that follower.

Instagram Stories Countdown Timer – This feature allow the user to announce for any event or set a reminder for the audience for signing up for any urgent thing by setting a countdown timer. Those who will subscribe to the countdown will get notified and a reminder about the same.

Post To Multiple Accounts – You can post the particular photo to multiple accounts. You can toggle the accounts where you want to publish the photo.

Add BIO – To describe yourself in a short way so that people know you, now you can add a little description in the BIO section. More creative and interesting BIO will always attract the followers to follow your Insta page.

Close Friends – If you want to publish any post to your few friends and followers only, then you can create subfolder “Close Friend”. In this option, only friends who are in that subfolder will able to check the post.

Tag Posts – Like Facebook, on Instagram too you can tag your friends, followers or anyone in your Insta post. In Insta stories comment box also you can tag anyone to thank, praise or say about them.

Top Posts – You can check top posts while using the trending hashtags.  According to person interest, you can check top posts. Top post is no longer limited to 10 posts, now according to hashtag and recent update post gets displayed in top posts.

Sharing Posts To Stories – This is one of the best features in this you can share your posts to Insta stories too. It makes the maximum view of your posts.

Uploading Multiple Images And Videos To Stories – Now you can upload multiple images and videos to stories, this is the latest addition on Instagram. Apart from this, you can edit each image according to your choice before publishing it.

IGTV – Instagram TV allows you to upload the video which is of longer than 1 minute. It is very beneficial for those who create long videos and tutorials.

Filtering Your DMS – This is a cool feature introduced by Instagram as though this you can easily filter the messages so that you can respond to your messages accordingly.

Shoppable Posts – This feature for those users who sell their products without having so many followers. In this feature, the product is featured with the price and you can do directly checkout for that particular product. It helps in increasing the sale and revenues.

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Instagram Customer Service

Instagram is a free social media with lots of business opportunities too. You can sell and promote your page by creating an Insta page. It will help you in generating revenues and growing your business. While using Instagram if you confront any issue then please feel free to contact Instagram Customer Service. The issue will be solved by the experienced and certified team. Furthermore, they work 24/7 to serve you better and promptly.