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Is Gmail Down?

Gmail down? Get to know the possible failures and solutions to get it working

There can be times when Gmail down issue leads to failure in the task that you intend to accomplish. However, Google mail is one of the most reputed and widely used email services. This email service is used worldwide by the people as it is known for being robust, instant and comes with a ton of features that pack a solid punch! If you’re seeking considerable Gmail Support, then read here carefully.

Let’s take a look at why the Gmail down issue takes place, the possible reasons and the solutions needed to fix the problems.

Gmail not loading properly:

Step1: The browser that you’re working in should be compatible with Gmail. If not make sure that you install one that supports.

Step2: You need to check the browser extensions and add ons. Sometimes, these are responsible for the page loading failure. Therefore, take a hard look at the extensions/add-ons that you’ve added or installed.

Step3: Clear caches and delete browsing history

Caches stores the files of the sites that you’ve visited and if your history contains too much information then these factors result in slowing the browser.

The above are the steps that provide you with the right guidance to get this mail up and running. Therefore, these are some solutions which will assist if you’re facing page loading failure.

2 Trouble in syncing? Know the cause and the solutions

People nowadays are always on the move and they want to be updated at a fast pace. This is done through syncing. Syncing Gmail to your phone gives you the special provision to see all the email notifications on your lock screen thereby keeping you updated always. So if you’re not able to sync your mail cause you don’t know the process or due to some other reasons then all you need to do is to follow some easy solutions to instantly sync your Gmail.

Solution1: Download the latest version of the Gmail app because the older version sometimes has trouble in retrieving emails from Google. Make sure to have the latest version so that you don’t face any problem.

Solution2: Try restarting the device sometimes this works as system files reload and start working correctly.

Solution3: You need to verify and make sure that your connectivity is strong and good. Check whether your airplane mode is on. If it is then disabled it.

Solution4: You need to be sure of your settings and make sure that sync is enabled. If not then just follow the below steps

Step1: Open Gmail app

Step2: Tap  on the menu found in the top left corner

Step3: Tap on the option that says ‘Sync Gmail’

Solution5: Clear all the data on your app

In a nutshell, these are some solutions that will help you get your problem fixed. So if you have issues like these you can always refer to the above solutions which will guarantee you a smooth experience on Gmail.

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