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Google is a dynamic website with lots of unique and predominant features. Gmail is one of the best features provided by Google since 2004. It is a free web email service and very easy to manage and use. It can be accessed on any device and on any operating system. Its salient features always attract the user. You can switch between the tabs. There is the option of auto- classify of your incoming mails into promotional, social, primary or Forums. You can also change theme of your account according to your choice. This feature makes the user use it comfortably. But sometimes while using it the user may face any issue, so that time contact Gmail Customer Service.

Salient Features of Gmail

Archive Emails – In this feature, you can archive your emails. Gmail does not delete the emails permanently. By availing this feature, you can get more space in your inbox.

Recall Sent Emails – while composing an email, by mistake hit the send button and mail has been sent to the sender. But Gmail has built this feature to recall send an email within 30 seconds after you have click send. There is no need to send any regret email to the sender.

Switching between Gmail Accounts – Without wasting time, the user can switch the account. There is no need for logging out and logging into the particular account. This was introduced in 2014.

Gmailify – This has simply access of various email addresses within the Gmail App only. Previously if the user had made an account on Yahoo or Outlook, in Gmail settings, you can connect to your Yahoo and Outlook account and can start sending and receiving messages within Gmail App.

Work Offline – You can work on Gmail even not connected with the internet. You have to enable this feature in the Gmail setting and then you can compose, search, respond and read the emails.

Snooze Emails – If you do not have time to read the received email immediately, do not worry Gmail in 2018 introduced the Snooze feature through which you can resurface that email according to your availability to take the action on that email.

Gmail Search – If you are looking for any specific message then avail this feature of Gmail to search any email with a specific message or information. Apart from this, there is advanced search also, you can search for an email with a particular word or file.

Smart Reply and Smart Compose: with the help of AI, you can send smart reply and can do smart compose also. If you do not have time or you are stuck in between something, then Gmail with the use of AI will send the reply based on the responses you most like to write.

Expanded Right Click – There is more option in the right-click. Previously only delete, archive, read/unread snooze options were only available now there is the reply, reply all, forward function and snooze functionality also gets added.

Schedule Emails – You can plan to send or write emails according to your suitable time. If you do not have time for replying then you can schedule an email by using this feature.

Clickable Attachments – This feature has made viewing attachments easier and simple. In a pop-up window within Gmail, word document, PDFs and photo appear. It saves time.

Confidential Mode – Through this mode, you will disable the ability of the receiver of the email to forward, download that particular email. You have to do settings while composing the email.

Two-step Verification – It makes your account secure. As security and privacy is the main concern in this information era. Whenever any unauthorized person tries to login you will immediately alert messages on your mobile and email whichever you have provided at the time of registration.

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Get Rid Of All Gmail Issues With Gmail Customer Service

Gmail is one of the finest free email services. Its unique and prominent feature always attracts the user. But in this internet market is perfect and same with Gmail. If you come across any issue then please contact Gmail Customer Service. Certified and experienced will troubleshoot the issue promptly. Always ready to assist the user as they work round the clock so that you keep smiling always. You can contact Gmail Customer Service by sending an email to the mentioned email, or by doing chat or by dialing phone number of customer service.