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Latest features of Facebook

Facebook has made connecting with people easier across the globe. It is the perfect online social media since 2004 as it has brought a revolutionary change in online communication. Furthermore, it has expanded the business from its initial days as previously it was only for connecting with a friend now you can do business on it. Facebook has billions of active users which are increasing day by day.You Can Contact Facebook Customer Service.

It has changed the life thought parameter. Apart from this, it is one of the best social media which people love to explore and spend time. It has made communicating with people very fast. In it, you can share your thought, photos, videos, and check-ins. Mark Zuckerberg and his friends started this and it has brought a boom in this information era.

Latest Features Of Facebook

Facebook Marketplace – This is the latest feature added by Facebook, in which you can sell and purchase products. It is helping in generating revenues for many companies. It is giving the opportunity to small scale businesses to large scale businesses to sell the products.

Facebook Business Page – Throughthis page, you can build your business without roaming any every. By creating this page you can connect with many people and can flourish your business to generate the revenues.

Watch Group Party – In this feature, you can watch videos together with your friends while being in other cities. While watching you can comment on that video also.

Crisis Response Hub – Through this feature, people who are affected by any crisis can share current updates of their experience, videos, photos, and many more pieces of information. It will help others to know about the current situation and the safety of that person.

Sharing 3D Photos – This feature allows users to share 3D photos and contents. It is very exciting and catchy feature for users.

Groups Tab – Users of Facebook are involved in many groups like school groups, college groups, office groups or any group. Previously, the user needs to type the group name in search bar to check happenings in the group, now there is Group Tab next to the existing tab, it will save time and user will get more time to explore new things and new people.

Facebook stories sharing option – Like Snapchat and Instagram, now on Facebook also you can share stories. You can click a photo using the in-app camera on Facebook and make that story or select photos from the photo gallery and share that.

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Facebook Customer Service

Facebook is a very safe and perfect place to connect with people across the globe. It is very manageable and trouble-free to use. But nothing is flawless in this world and the same with Facebook. While using it if you confront any issue, contact Facebook Customer Service. The issue will be solved through the certified and experienced team. They promptly diagnosed the issue and provide an appropriate solution. To serve the user better and instantly, teamwork round the clock. Apart from this, always be assured that your account details will be safe. So at any moment if you require any assistance related to FB, please free to contact Facebook Customer Service, either by dialing a phone number or through chat or by sending an email to the mentioned email address.